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Works CEAXGCG CEDHMBB collaboration with Sara Bo (2019) Imagine that the dead sea would be a wormhole that would bring us to a different reality. This world is called CEAXGCG CEDHMBB. It is a place where every being is equal. Fun is the most important thing. Because it is under the dead sea the salt splits the daylight like a prism, through this the daylight in CEAXGCG CEDHMBB has all different colors. This all sounds beautiful but there is one problem. The dead sea is shrinking, through this the wormhole is closing. Besides that, the sinkholes that exists in our world creates islands in CEAXGCG CEDHMBB. These islands are isolating beings for each other. They need our help. This is why an event is created on the 5th of the 14th month is 2020 to go to CEAXGCG CEDHMBB. You are all invited. Works
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2019 Underwhelming die Ausstellung Academy of arts, bezalel, Jerusalem
2019 Ceaxgcg Cedhmbb, Academy of arts, bezalel, Jerusalem