Works Info Exhibitions Get in touch Horse riding (2019) Horse riding set us free from the hard work we always had to do ourselves. Since that day, the struggle of feeding ourself changed, and we had more time over to spend in art and science. Without the domestication of horses we would have never been able to create the live that we are living these days. All this we can thank to the Middle East, they created for us the Wild West. Dressage was a technique for soldiers to win the war. Well trained horses and riders were more successful during the fight. Movements that are now related to elegance, were noting else than ways to kill the other. Dressage is a sport of the kings. A sport for machos. A way to hide to truth. A symbol for mankind in the 20th century. The elegance of how a horse moves, the magnificent athletic muscles that we wish we had, that is why we are spending hours of training in the gym. The role they have always played for us and made our lives easier. The psychological impact that a horse has when you are facing it, don’t you wish that you would have this impact on others? The way we were dependent on them is something that we forget. That we needed them, and they needed us. Man and horse have a complex relationship. Is this because we started paving the paradise? Is this because they made food much more accessible? Or is it because they didn’t like it that we smoked cigarettes on their backs?