Works Info Exhibitions Get in touch The After party for a loving never-ending dance, a wave of change. The After Party, The party that comes after, A political party that might be “A Wave of Change” (Shell) in which we embrace the multiplicity of things and refresh the system from before. The political After Party could also be a tipping point. You feel “The rhythm of the tiger” (Esso) and want to continue to dance, Even though the soil underneath disappears and planet earth starts to sweat. Playing God, by claiming powers beyond yours, prolonging something that cannot be prolonged and slowly moving into exploitation. Let God Move Over. interpretation by Koen kievits ----> interpretation by django van Ardenne ---->
Video of the performance is on its way. Go to the virtual tour ---> sand and Sculptures from Emiel Ambroos ---> Ferns have been with us for a long long time, they always dances along, even though we made coal out of them, they kept on dancing